Reiki is an energy balancing modality that induces a state of peace and joy in the body, mind and spirit.

Our busy urban lifestyles often lead to burn out or a general sense of ongoing stress in the physical and emotional body. Over time this can lead to imbalances in the body and eventual disease or burnout that can cost time and money to recover from.

Reiki is a wonderful treatment that brings a state of equilibrium and wellbeing.

Reiki jump starts the body’s own healing process and facilitates change and deep healing.

Through a deep restful state the nervous system begins to relax and the bodies healing begins.


Awaken the highest versions of you

Release stress and blocks stopping you from optimum health and happiness

Clear and purify the body from pain and blocks both physical and mental



Bronwyn’s sessions go for one hour based on the clients needs and she uses relaxing essence oils, crystals and intuitive abilities to unlock energy flow in your body and awaken the innate healing wisdom of the body.


Her aim is to clear unwanted energy from the body, to add new life force and clear blocks so you may feel revitalised, calm and uplifted.

She offers guidance based on what comes up in the healing. This often leads to insight into a way of living that’s more harmonious and authentic to you.

Reiki Benefits include

Can assist in anxiety and depression

Deep Relaxation & release of tension and stress

Increases the body and minds self healing abilities and boosts the immune system.

Induces deep sleep

Reduces blood pressure

Is known to help with acute injuries and chronic problems such as asthma, migraines, and addictions.

Greatly assists in pain management

Removes energy blocks and improves the flow of the endocrine system which brings harmony to the body.

Relieves adrenal fatigue and can set healthier patterns in place to lower cortisol in the body.

What does the word “Reiki” mean?

The etymology of the word “Reiki” derives from the combination of the Japanese Kanji characters rei and ki. Rei translates to “spirit, miraculous, divine” and ki means “gas, vital energy, breath of life, consciousness.” Thus, the joining of rei and ki means “Universal Life Force Energy.”


Reiki can induce profound shifts on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels for all living things, but it is not intended to replace medical advice and care in the case of an injury or illness.