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Benefits of Our Programs

Higher staff morale and reduced absenteeism:

Offering your staff tools to empower them in reducing stress means they will be happier and feel more positive about your organisation.

Yoga improves posture at the desk by giving awareness to the way you sit at a computer and providing strength and relaxation of the key muscles.

Better inter-staff relations

The natural pressures of work can lead to differences of opinions and less cohesive teams, which decreases productivity as a whole. Yoga provides insight into the power of connection and getting along with your colleagues. It teaches you to rise above differences and find cooperation regardless of differences. This results in excellence within teams and across management levels.

Increased Energy,  muscle tone and improved posture :

To sit at a computer correctly you require excellent core and back strength. Yoga targets the areas needed for a healthy office worker. It uplifts your moods and gives you the tools to improve your posture.

Calming the mind:

So you have pending deadlines. After only one yoga class your staff will be rewarded with renewed perspective and a clear mind to tackle the busiest of inboxes. Long term you develop skills to stay calm during peak busy times.

Prevents and helps cure back pain:

Tired of spending too much of your hard earned money on Chiropractors and Physiotherapists? A regular weekly yoga class will significantly reduce your need to be realigned by a third party.

Improved Creativity:

Like a mini weekly holiday, yoga will recharge your creative juices and the ten minute visualisation and meditation at the end will optimise your creativity and clear thinking so you will design that award winning design.

All You Need:

A space to hold a group of people such as a training room, board room or meeting area. A local park nearby is always great in the Summer months. We provide all yoga mats so just bring your wonderful selves.

Corporate Wellness Packages

Package One:
45 Min – 1 Hour Yoga Class – Cost $150.00 

This popular class ends with a signature guided meditation to destress the busiest of minds. Beginner friendly and fun, this gentle class is catered to first timers of yoga and the options for the more experienced. Your staff will leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of their week.


Package Two : Cost $150
45 Min – 1 Hour Meditation, Stretch and Tools on
How to be the best version of you! 

A great option for an introduction to the world of corporate wellness. An inspiring session starts with breathing exercises, stretches that can be done at your desk,  followed by a different meditation each week and ending with a short exercise that you can take into your working week. Topics covered are based on the works of Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, leaders in the field of Mindset and Wellness.
Topics covered include: The power of gratitude, the art of living in the now, nutrition for optimal health, how to let go, the power of breath and setting up a morning ritual.

Package Three  : Cost $250.00
8 week Meditation and Mindfulness course

This course is an inspirational journey into the power of mindful living and its benefits on staff connection, productivity and reducing burn out. Staff are given tools to keep their anxiety and stress down during the busy working week. We cover the power of positive thinking and gratitude, how to live in the now, breathing right to reduce stress, daily stretches to prevent back pain and tension and how to manage stress to increase productivity and staff retention.

Conference Packages 

Package One  :
Morning Stretch and Motivational Speech

In just a half our session we can kick off your conference with an opening session of awakening and fun stretches that can be done in a conference hall chair. Followed by an inspirational talk on Corporate wellness and its importance in the lives of your staff.
Intention setting for the year ahead.

This can also include a “buddy up” system, where staff pair up with someone new and commit to three ways they’ll maintain their corporate health during the year ahead. This is a popular connection exercise and provides your staff with a inspiring mindset for the conference ahead.

Package Two  :
Afternoon Uplifting Guided Meditation 

By the end of the conference staff have absorbed a lot of information and need a relaxing meditation to integrate all they’ve learned. Following this we present a team building meditation set to stunning music that becomes a powerful closing segment.

About Me

Bronwyn Murphy is an International Yoga and Meditation Teacher with over 11 years experience who has featured in the Herald Sun for her work around the world leading Yoga and Wellness retreats.
She has worked for over 15 years in the Corporate sector in the following leading companies: Cadbury Schweppes, Berri, Toyota , Monash University and Macquarie Bank and through this understands the market and first hand the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness on the corporate worker and business as a whole


She runs Leadership events with business people on the subject of mindset, healthy lifestyle and the power of mindfulness.

She is a regular guest speaker at conferences and events on the subject of wellness and enjoys empowering CEOs through to all demographics of companies across Australia and Internationally.


“Many first timers to yoga on this team and the feedback has been amazing. Did it allow us to see greater perspectives – Yes.
Did we feel energised yet calm post sessions – Yes.
Did we somehow feel more confident to participate at a higher level in our workshop discussions – Yes.
Are we all thinking we should do more yoga  – Yes.
We totally recommend Sacred Places Yoga as an inclusion in your next Corporate Retreat or Conference.”
CEO – Matchworks
“Bronwyn conducted a series of yoga sessions within our work place, her heart shines with absolute love and care, she is truly an inspiration”
Sonia Benton PA to Julie Anderson & Kay Edwards – DPM
“Bronwyn was a wonderful instructor who took time to ensure everyone in the group was getting the most out of each class. Everyone involved was able to leave the class feeling that little bit fresher and clearer for the week ahead. Yoga certainly took me a long way from my comfort zone, but Bronwyn was able to help me feel more and more confident in my ability each week. Had never done Yoga before, but this was a great experience.”

Patsy Lori – Accountant – Berri Ltd



“Sacred Places Yoga (Bronwyn) provided classes at my workplace and I never missed a class. It was thoroughly relaxing and a great way to start the working week and a good way to wind down after a busy Monday at work. Bronwyn was a great instructor and eased those new to yoga into the poses and terminology so no one was feeling overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to term two.”

Kelly Dowd – Researcher – Monash University

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