Corporate Yoga



Benefits of Yoga

Been sitting at a computer too long:

Yoga improves posture at the desk by giving awareness to the way you sit at a computer and providing strength and relaxation of the key muscles.

Excellent muscle tone:

To sit at a computer correctly you require excellent core and back strength. Yoga targets the areas needed for a healthy office worker.

Calming the mind:

So you have pending deadlines. After only one yoga class you will be rewarded with renewed perspective and a clear mind to tackle the busiest of inboxes. You will learn breathing techniques to keep you present and to prevent stress before it takes hold.

Improved Respiration, Energy and Vitality:

We all know how easy it is to fall into that 3pm slump. You will leave class feeling revitalized and full of energy. Companies report increased productivity and reduced absentees through an investment in corporate yoga.

Prevents and helps cure back pain:

Tired of spending too much of your hard earned money on Chiropractors and Physiotherapists? A regular weekly yoga class will significantly reduce your need to be realigned by a third party. As a busy secretary I am testimony to this!

Improved Creativity:

Like a mini weekly holiday, yoga will recharge your creative juices and the ten minute visualization and meditation at the end will optimize your creativity and clear thinking so you will design that award winning design.

Weight Loss & Detox:

Trying to juggle work & family commitments and don’t get to the gym. Weekly yoga sessions help to detox and lose weight & we come right to you!

All You Need:

A space to hold a group of people such as a training room, board room or meeting area. A local park nearby is always great in the Summer months. We provide all yoga mats so just bring your wonderful selves.



I have worked for over 15 years in the Corporate sector as an Executive Assistant in the following leading companies: Cadbury Schweppes, Berri, Toyota , Monash University and Macquarie Bank and through this I understand the market and know first hand the benefits of Yoga on the corporate worker.
I studied Performing Arts at VCA and through my work as an actress and model I offer excellence in presentation and style.

I know time is of the essence and my class times work around your schedule.

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