You and your Sacred Self

I realised this week that it was time I stepped into the full message that I feel born to tell.


Since my journey as a yoga teacher and healer I have tip toed around the spiritual side of my yoga teachings. I would mention the third eye chakra fearful that people were thinking I was crazy.

And white light – well god forbid we should call on its powerful elements.

More often than not yoga classes are being packed out with sweaty, toned hot looking bodies that respond to physical based practice. I would find girls in the change room instagraming how their bodies had bent like a pretzel and to me so much of it was fueling the message that in order to feel beautiful you must look like how society wants you to somewhat perfect. 

Also that the physical stuff was the main goal in yoga. Don’t get me wrong I’m a former model and easily seduced by the desire for a hot body! But I hate to limit yoga to people who are super fit & deny them the full teachings. You want inspiration: come to my class where I teach a 75 year old, with parkinsons who finds his way through the poses! That to me is inspiration and true strength – not merely a good head stand. Not to mention his wife of 50 years who lies beside him each week. 

In comes me with my knowledge of chakras, deep yogic philosophy and the belief that divine light & positive thinking can heal your body. In fact I mention the mind, body, spirit connection probably more in yoga than straight anatomy. Not that I don’t enjoy this too.

Now I realize by masking this gift I feel works through me I am dumbing down not only me but source where I feel it all resides.

I cannot continue to water down my truth with words like “I know it sounds crazy but…..”

 Through what I have been through in my life (insert bottle of wine here for me to tell you) I didn’t thrive in a corporate job.  I don’t do well in the rat race. I was good at it, being a high achiever I wouldn’t dare fail but it certainly wasn’t my strong suit.

Now I see those limits as a blessing.

My true self sees the beauty in the rising sun, falling autumn leaves, simple living and connecting with divine and love. Don’t get me wrong I am one of the most ambitious, driven women I know but I’m learning where to put my energy. I want the big luxurious home (in which to hold my goddess circles;), retreat centre, fast car….I want it all but I want to get there being me.

I move to the beat of my own drum and each day find powerful ways to show others how.

Everyday I strip back the blocks stopping me from being my authentic self and it feels good.

I wish to empower women & be empowered by women by saying guess what, you can answer that call inside of yourself and become who you are meant to be, whether that’s starting your own business or moving to the country and living off the land or opening a lollie store!

Last night whilst on Instagram I came across a picture of a boy in a forest with crystals and my heart recognised this image as home to me. It occurred to me that perhaps this is how I’m meant to live my life. Connected to nature, source, the ocean, music and in gatherings where I guide & are guided by other women. I have Irish blood so I cannot help but think of my ancestors.

In summary my message is, what ever that little voice inside your head tells you, you want to become, follow it.

Strip back the layers of societal conditioning and follow your dharma. Reveal your true purpose – you wont look back.

Don’t ever water down you. You’re too special for that and the world doesn’t want to miss out on meeting the real YOU.


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