Sacred Sanctuary Ocean Retreat

Escape to Paradise & Enjoy a Luxury Health Retreat

TORQUAY MARCH 9 – 11 2018


woman meditating on tropical beach in the caribbean

Our Philosophy

Sacred Sanctuary Ocean Retreat will be your personal paradise from the moment you arrive. Rejuvenate your Mind, Body & Soul with Yoga, Spa treatments, Endless beach time and Nourishing foods. How much or how little you do is entirely up to you.

Time out in a private secluded luxury house nestled in the dunes 50 metres from the beach. Let yourself be lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean waves.

This Boutique style Yoga retreat caters for each individuals needs for Yoga, Sun, Surf and Transformation that lasts.

  • Make sustainable changes through the lifestyle of  yoga
  • Learn different styles of Meditation to find one suitable for you that you can do every day of your life to maintain equilibrium.
  • Beach Yoga suitable for beginners & Time Out to reset for the year ahead
  • Create a Sanctuary in your Home to build the foundations of Abundance, Success and Love
  • Learn tools to manage stress in everyday life and leave the retreat with a game plan.
  • Bring your partner who can play golf at the world class facility next door!
  • Sit by the open fire and melt into the Jacuzzi and experience Reiki Crystal Healings and Massage. (All inclusive)
  • Customise your diet and the art of clean eating with wonderful ways to keep you on track

The Sacred Places Experience

Needing a complete break away to recharge the body, mind and spirit then this is the retreat for you. The treatments, daily yoga, mindfulness and the stunning surrounds will soak into your very being, giving you a chance to rejuvenate Body, Mind and Spirit.

Through yoga, meditation and workshops we aim to help you find your true essence. Our classes are non pretentious, warm and welcoming of all levels.

Our aim is for you to leave the retreat transformed and with tools to stay calm and positive on and off the mat!


The Sacred Places Yoga Team


Let us help you Create Your Own Inner And Outer Sanctuary…

You spend so much of your life in your Home or your office so let us create this Sanctuary. Learn the art of manifesting through Feng Shui and Interior Design Elements.

This retreat will be facilitated by International Yoga and Meditation leader Bronwyn Murphy and reknowned Interior designer Melissa Lunardon.

“Every door is an opportunity and behind the door is a mirror to your world…hinged to the possibilities of imagination and design. This is where Melissa’s journey and her client’s journey converge.”

“As a professional interior designer and stylist, Melissa Lunardon has over 10 years experience in residential interior design and a a passion for interiors that reflect personality and soul. She is inspired by the character, colour and texture that nature and travel has to offer. Melissa loves  simple clean lines and play on different textures and patterns. These are her strengths and the focus of her vision.”

Your home should be an honest reflection of you and your family, a place to feel safe, comfortable and the domain to show off your personality.
Expert Interior Designer Melissa Lunardon will share with you her design and styling secrets in a fun, hands on environment:
  • How to create a mod board that reflects your style and personality.
  • Expert design and styling tips for creating your own Sacred Sanctuary at home.
  • Hands on prop styling with beautiful homewares and how to take the perfect shot for Instagram and your business if you need too.
  • Effective furniture and accessory placement and planning that will set up your Sanctuary for energy flow and abundance.






Bronwyn’s signature yoga will leave you feeling Zen as she guides you through a flowing vinyasa yoga class that ends with a deep guided meditation to tranquil music.

She will guide you through daily meditation and teach you the art of mindfulness so that you may take this off the mat and into the world.

Bronwyn runs workshops in manifesting A fun time to find your purpose and set some clear goals for 2018 so it can be the Best year of your life.







  • Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch &  Dinner
  • Self Development & Wellness workshops on mindfulness and the Law of Attraction.
  • Workshop on Interior Design and your spaces
  • Daily Yoga classes to cleanse, tone and rejuvenate your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Daily Guided meditation
  • Morning & Afternoon healthy snacks, unlimited tea/fresh coffee/water etc…
  • x1 Private consultation with Melissa Lunard
  • Daily Green Juice to Detox
  • Luxury Gift bag
  • 1x Meditation CD to take home for sleeping easy, stress management & happiness
  • 1x Private Yoga lesson & take home practise to keep you stress free when you leave
  • One In-house Reiki Session for deeper healing.

Optional extra activities

  • Day Spa treatments, massages, scrubs, manicures, pedicure
  • Cooking class
  • Golf afternoon for your partner

Sunset Walks On The Beach…..In House Pampering


Ways this Retreat can transform your life;

1. Shine

Allow yoga to shift your energy so that you shine happiness into the world and flow stress free through your daily life. Your confidence will soar as you align your body and still a busy mind. Glowing skin and a toned,  aligned body are a bi-product of our classes but this is just the start! Through this immersion you will learn how your inner state is reflected onto the world and you can begin to remove blocks to your daily happiness – and the secret – its all an Inside job. We will teach you the Law of Attraction – your thoughts really do create your life.


2. Mindfulness Is The New Black

Our classes focus on maintaining ones awareness into the present moment. The power of “Now”. By moving mindfully through each pose one is encouraged to practise this mindfulness off the mat so not to miss any moments of your one beautiful life. We teach you the art of staying present in your everyday life – creating lasting patterns in your life.


3. Digital, Body, Mind, Detox

Through a digital detox you will reset the body, clear the mind and work out what you really want to be doing with 2018. By stilling the mind we can access our intuition and our true nature. Side effects of a digital detox include: a crystal clear mind, being less reactive,  increased energy on waking.
Disconnect so you can reconnect. AWAY from the distractions of urban life you can get still and clear on how you want to be living.


4. Create Your Dream Life

Have you been living a life not in your full potential. Are you so busy you have stopped listening to how you really want your life to be. Life isnt meant to be a struggle and we will show you the art of finding your flow.
Do you want to start your own business, find your soul mate, start a family, create more time for you – our team will help you make this happen.

5. Pamper, Rest And Relax

Daily massages, inhouse facials, lose yourself in a good book by the open fire, walk for miles along the beach and swim under the waves. Enjoy the luxury of time in the seclusion of this luxury villa.

6. Improved Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Yoga will ensure you have a good nights sleep and have you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. As you get in the zone all of your problems slowly disappear.

7. Heal Thyself

We cant wait to help you find ways to improve any conditions you may have holdling you back from living a life of ease and grace. We believe that you have the power to create change in your body. Whether stress causes tight muscles or you have a condition you’d like to begin to heal we are there to help.

The Luxury Villa 

This private luxury villa, located in Torquay combines beauty, luxury, and serenity all within 5o minutes of the trendy boutiques, restaurants & day spas of Seminyak.

Located adjacent to the street in the quiet neighborhood of Umalas. Access is through large traditional Balinese doors, which open onto a water garden and fountain area which leads to the downstairs living area.



  • Private secluded luxury house nestled in the dunes 50 metres from the beach.
  • Magnificent two story beach home with panoramic views from all windows
  • Spend hours chatting around the fire pit or relax in the sunken jacuzzi
  • Each bed is covered in white linen with goose down duvets and pillows where sleeping is a pleasure
  • No expense spared for your comfort in this resort accommodation
  • Water gardens and 4 private outdoor entertainment area

What people have said:

“Before I came on a retreat with Bronwyn I suffered anxiety. After 5 days away I was blessed with the tools to manage my stress and find true belief in myself. I returned to Melbourne feeling so positive and calm. Her retreat was life changing.”

Annabel J. AUS.

“Preparing to head home from what has been one of the most amazing choices I have ever made, I have met people from every walk of life from all over the world, I couldn’t be more grateful right now, I am happy, focused, healthy and hoping a better person. I would highly recommend it. Thank you to the team at Sacred Places Yoga for making my retreat so fantastic, spiritual and transformative.  – I am grateful”

Christa Belle, UK.

“I had an absolute amazing time taking part of the Yoga retreat in run by the beautiful Bronwyn Murphy. Bronwyn’s carefree, relaxed, gentle and caring approach allowed me to quickly transition from an anxious mess to be present and in the zen.”

Rose S. UK.

“Was truly a slice of heaven. Lead by the Queen of all Goddesses, it was inspiring, relaxing, fun and delicious! Cannot wait until the next one….for more realising of dreams and beliefs.”

Felicity, AUS.

“This retreat house was beyond incredible! So much larger & more space than what is portrayed in the photos… barely does it any justice! The house itself has everything and the neighbourhood is so peaceful. Gorgeous 360 views of dunes and stunning golf course. The Yoga retreat has created lasting change in my life and I haven’t looked back.”

Tamara, AUS.


Only 9 places are available at this exclusive retreat and they book quickly so don’t delay! Couples Welcome and Beginners to Yoga

Grab a group of your favourite friends a plan a healthy long weekend!

Prices start from AUS $799.00 (Share)


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